Making up and downs easier. Much easier.

The new Cleveland Smart Sole 4 Wedges

Getting better at scrambling will shave several shots off your scorecard and, not to mention, make your time around the greens a lot more fun.

And scrambling becomes a whole lot easier with the
Cleveland Smart Sole 4 Wedges.

A Smart Sole for every short game situation
What makes these wedges scarily easy to hit is their extra-wide soles, increased bounce, large cavity backs and extreme perimeter weighting. All this helps you glide through the turf and make better contact in any lie, with any swing.

Smooth bump-and-run
The Chipper’s sole and bounce ensure your
bump-and-runs are smooth, not chunky.

Confident approach
On full approach shots, you can focus on the target
and let the Gap Wedge take care of impact.

Out the sand in one
At 38mm, the Sand Wedge has the widest sole,
for extra help getting through the sand.

It feels good to be in control
Each milled groove on the face of the Cleveland Smart Sole 4 Wedge is individually cut, taking their sharpness right up to the conforming limit, for more spin and control.

Weight from the hosel has been redistributed to bring the CoG closer to the center of the club face for better feel.

Play smarter

A better short game will transform your golfing experience and your scorecard. The Cleveland Smart Sole 4 could be your smartest scoring decision this year.