You drive for more than show

Yes, the statistics on the major tours now tell us that those with the longest tee shots are making a great living, but you’re not trying to make a living from the game. Most of you are looking for a great social experience and a good or better golfing experience.

Building consistency off the tee, while finding ways to go further, will open the pathway to better scores AND more holes to enjoy. It even makes the walk and social banter more fun to know you’re well placed.

The latest technology is part of the solution to a better game, but we also need to start you off correctly at setup. Many golfers set up aiming wide right (right-handers). The ball position will likely lower the launch angle and lose yards. And poor posture won’t make a good rotation easy to achieve, causing inconsistency and a further loss of distance.

Change the game

When did you upgrade your game from the tee? If you’re competitive, then significantly reducing the distance to the hole on your 2nd, changes the game. If you want to explore further AND better